Centenary of the Great War

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"This is a series of very different events to solicit a reflection on the great tragedy of the Great War, to involve the widest possible audience. It will be an opportunity to promote the memory of the First World War and to remember those who lost their lives, paying tribute to our fallen soldiers who sacrificed themselves for their country". With these words the President of the City Council, Matteo Garzella, presents these events that will remember the Great War from Saturday 23 May to Tuesday 30 June.

The celebrations’ calendar:

• 23 May: the play "The Forgotten War. Words from the shadows" in collaboration with the theatrical Association Nando Guarnieri and Laboratorio teatrale Retroscena – 9pm, Teatro San Girolamo (free admission)

• 24 May: Flag-raising ceremony and prayer to people killed in war, in collaboration with Assoarma and Associazione Nazionale Bersaglieri – 9.30am, Shrine of the Monumental Cemetery

• 24 May: Deposition of laurel wreath - 11.15am, Piazzale Verdi

• 24 May: Holy Mass - 12.00am, Basilica of San Frediano

• 24 May: "1915-2015 Lucca ricorda" lead by Umberto Sereni, Eros Pagni reads Giosué Carducci, projections of "Memory 15/18" directed by Antonio Nardone in collaboration with Vittorio Biondi, patriotic songs by the Choir of primary Vallebuia school directed by Carla Nolledi – 9.00pm, Church of San Francesco (free admission)

• from 8 to 30 June: exhibition "Memory 15/18. Art, objects, pictures to remember the Great War 'in collaboration with the artists of Arte in Lucca - every day 10am-6pm (free admission ), Cannoniera della Casa del Boia

• 15 June: Conference "The Italian soldier in the Great War" by Vittorio Biondi – 6pm, Cannoniera della Casa del Boia

Saturday, 23 May 2015 to Monday, 15 June 2015
Lucca, centro storico