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Una mostra celebra i primi 10 anni di vita e di intensa attività culturale del Palazzo delle Esposizioni. A realizzarla la Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca e la Fondazione Lucca Sviluppo con la curatela di Riccarda Bernacchie Lucia Morelli. Tra i nomi Possenti, Benvenuti, Talani, Casale.

An exhibition celebrates the first 10 years of life and intense cultural activity of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. The Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation and the Lucca Sviluppo Foundation with the curatorship of Riccarda Bernacchie Lucia Morelli have been created. Among the names Possenti, Benvenuti, Talani, Casale.

The Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation, 10 years ago, decided to dedicate the building in Piazza S. Martino 7 to Lucca, to art exhibitions in its exhibition rooms, as well as to other cultural events. Since then there have been alternating 'personal' of emerging artists (who have had the opportunity to compete with the public and critics) and 'personal' of already established artists, especially Lucchesi, but also, sometimes, coming from various parts of the world and having with Lucca some particular link, in the perspective of the Foundation, which is to enhance the identity of the territory of reference and to cultivate the traditional universal vocation of our city, to favor the exchange of experiences, cultures and values ​​that enriches.

Ten years after the beginning of the exhibition, an exhibition of all the works that have been donated in this decade, both in recognition of donor artists and in order to continue with them and with those who want the discourse on art with particular reference to the province of Lucca, highlights the role of this exhibition space, of meeting and comparison.

Some of the exhibitions of these ten years are accompanied by musical compositions, film productions, poetic readings, in the search for innovative artistic synergies, and tendentially complete spiritual expressions. Others have seen contextual meetings of artists, critics, spectators, enthusiasts, engaged together in the 'discourse' on art, on the arts, on beauty, on harmony, on the social role of language, of artistic languages. Sometimes attention was paid to the educational message, involving teachers and students not only as apprentices, but also as interpreters, as guides, as interlocutors of the authors.


News of this exhibition is the presence of an audio guide to accompany the visitor with the voice of Alessandro Bertolucci. The public is thus involved in a narrative path on several levels, which crosses art, history, music, cinema, culture and places Lucca in a global context.

The story develops on an imaginary line of time that traces in a systematic way, for each year, this scheme: who are the protagonists at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and in pills, what happens in Lucca, in Italy or in the world.

The exhibition, accompanied by side activities, educational workshops, meetings and cultural debates, is an opportunity to retrace ten years of history on an imaginary timeline, looking "Inside the collection" of donations, inside the Palace, which has now become well identified place with its own specific Logo, dedicated to art and culture. The event represents a stage of arrival of the decade, a critical analysis of what has been done and a starting line for future planning.

The exhibition will remain open from Tuesday to Sunday from 15:30 to 19:30.


Saturday, 19 January 2019 to Sunday, 10 March 2019
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Palazzo delle Esposizioni della Fondazione Banca del Monte
piazza san Martino, 7
2019 january 19 / march 10
admission free
Tel. 0583 464062

Fondazione Banca del Monte
Lucca Sviluppo

piazza san Martino, 7 - Lucca
Tel. 0583 464062