Disegna ciò che vedi. Helga Weissova da Terezin i disegni di una bambina

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Like every year the Province and the Municipality of Lucca, in collaboration with the Historical Institute of the Resistance and of the Contemporary Age in the province of Lucca (Isrec), the School for Peace and many other Municipalities of the territory have elaborated, coordinated and promoted a rich and varied program of initiatives to celebrate both the Day of Remembrance (27 Januar and 10 February).

The themes relating to the Day of Remembrance will be dealt with in the first place by an exhibition at the Doge's Palace: "Draw what you see, Helga Weissova from Terezin drawings of a child", a review that helps to see the horror of deportation through the eyes of a child. Helga Weissova was born in Prague in 1929, the same year as Anne Frank. With his parents, of Jewish origin, he was interned in the Terezin ghetto shortly after his twelfth birthday. She remained in the ghetto for almost three years, then was deported to Auschwitz, Freiburg and Mauthausen where she was freed with her mother in 1945. Helga has, since she was a child, an extraordinary talent for drawing and manages to survive in the ghetto thanks to her ability in portraying scenes of everyday life. Unlike the more famous drawings of the children of Terezin, Helga draws by herself, portraying with great effectiveness the tragic reality of the ghetto. His drawings still represent an irreplaceable documentary testimony today.

The exhibition of the Palazzo Ducale will be open from Monday to Saturday from 10 to 18, special openings on Sunday 20 and January 27 from 15:00 to 19:00

Friday, 18 January 2019 to Saturday, 9 February 2019
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Palazzo Ducale
piazza Napoleone
2019 january 18 / february 9
admission free