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Guests in historical costumes recreate the splendor of the Lucca palaces and villas at the time of the Republic of Lucca until 1749, a date that marks the beginning of the year from March 25th to January 1st.

Throughout the Middle Ages and up to 749, the New Year was celebrated in most of Italy, including Tuscany, on 24 or 25 March with some differences only between the end and the beginning. From 1750 Tuscany conformed to the European calendar, moving the beginning of the year to the first of January. Also in 1479 the current French time was adopted in Tuscany. The event coincided with the religious celebration of the Annunciation to Mary and the incarnation of Christ, as a sign of the rebirth of nature and life and spring time.

The historic celebrations of the Lucchese New Year of 1749 are revived Sunday 24 March 2019 in Villa Bottini in Lucca with the taste of a private party of the past, a party that only those who know how to capture the atmosphere can appreciate.
Each guest has the sole obligation to wear a costume of his choice from the Middle Ages to the mid-1700s in any area of ​​Europe, but also oriental or exotic for a step back in time in the Republic of Lucca led by Gonfaloniere Andrea Sbarrea together with gentlemen of Lucca: Buonvisi, Bottini, Mansi, Mazzarosa, Bernardini and many others for a historical party with vintage music and dances, board and board games, the Stellario's buffet

Invitations are available at the Piazzale Verdi Tourist Information offices.

Sunday, 24 March 2019
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Villa Bottini
via Elisa, 12
2019 march 24
admission free until seats available
347 6254609

Laboratorio Brunier
corso Garibaldi, 53, Lucca
tel. 347 6254609 -