Il dodicesimo baluardo

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For 1300 years in the city of Lucca operates the Stirpe delle Mura, a secret organization that has the task of rejecting the attempts of the tremendous Black Mirror to steal from humans the true engine of civilization of our world: artistic beauty!
The Stirpe has its headquarters in the bulwark of the most inaccessible Lucca walls, the one that does not appear on any map: the twelfth!

The Twelfth Baluardo is a steam-punk comic book set in Lucca, written by Andrea Pau and designed by Riccardo Pieruccini, produced in collaboration with the CISCU of Lucca.

On the occasion of Collezionando the fair of vintage comics at the church of Santa Giulia, the original tables are on display.

The authors will be present.

Saturday, 16 March 2019 to Saturday, 30 March 2019
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Chiesa di S. Giulia
Piazza del Suffragio
2019 march 16 / 30
admission free
347 3391369

Centro Internazionale per lo Studio delle Cerchia Urbane (C.I.S.C.U.)
Castello di Porta San Donato Vecchia - Piazzale Verdi

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