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An exhibition about art and madness by Vittorio Sgarbi.

A journey through the ups and downs of various artists where creativity and madness come together in the indelible representation of the darkest side of the human mind. A unique setting that houses some masterpieces of the greatest artists of international art history, which belong to prestigious private collections and important Italian and international museums.

The leitmotif of this itinerant exhibition, is precisely the link between art and madness, the wavering of the minds of men like Van Gogh and Ligabue, artists who, however, have been able to transform their problems into true masterpieces.
The exhibition includes over 200 works. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, documentaries, interactive and multimedia installations deal with the theme of madness. Among the artists on display: Lega, Mancini, Pirandello, Ligabue, Bacon.

On the occasion of the The exhibition in Lucca we will focused also on to some Tuscan artists.

A fundamental section of the project includes a repertoire of documents, objects and testimonies of the history of mental hospitals in Italy and its protagonists.
In the Lucchese exhibition there will also be spaces dedicated to the figure of Dr. Mario Tobino and the former Maggiano psychiatric hospital and it will also be an opportunity to talk about the Follia from a historical point of view, touching the delicate topic of mental hospitals and Basaglia law to make everyone understand that "the mentally ill is not a waste of humanity [...], but a person, who in his temporary or chronic weakness retains - like any other person [...] - full dignity ".

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 to Sunday, 18 August 2019
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Ex Cavallerizza
Piazzale San Donato
20 febbraio / 5 settembre 2019
€ 4,00 / 15,00
389 9873276

Contemplazioni S.R.L.
piazzale Verdi, 9 Lucca