Un viaggio tra miti e sogni

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Highlighting current trends in current figurative painting, their engagement with reality and today's sensitivity is the goal of this collective exhibition of figurative art.

The event proposes the attitude of bearing witness to feelings and passions. To remember, to retrace moments that have marked and revive memory with an introspective journey.

To this group, which includes important artists from all over Italy, they exhibit some of their works, the painters: Biagioni, Cantini, Cardoni, Coronese, De Rosa. Gavia, Giusti, Lorenzetti, Norman, Romiti, Scatena, Serenari, Vadalà; the sculptors: Giromini, Gonzales, Roggi, Vannucchi and the photographers: Andreini, Costanzo, Gianino, Moriconi, Papale, Sbrana, Tomasulo, Vannucchi.

At the vernissage, on December 22nd at 17:00, will speak Claudio Della Bertola, Franco Donatini, Ilario Luperini and Vincenzo Nobile .

Saturday, 22 December 2018 to Thursday, 31 January 2019
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Real Collegio
piazza del Collegio
2018 december 22 / 2019 january 31
admission free