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Chiesa di Santa Caterina, altare

The Church of St. Caterina, known among the people of Lucca as the Church of the Cigar Makers, has been realized in the first half of the eighteenth century by Francesco Pini and it is the largest example of religious Baroque building in Lucca.


The Church of Santa Maria della Rosa was built around 1300 in Via della Rosa, in the historic centre of Lucca. Originally the building was a chapel dedicated to the "Madonna tra i Santi Pietro e Paolo", also known as the "Madonna della Rosa" for the flowers in her hand.

Museo Cresci

The "Museum Paolo Cresci for the history of Italian emigration" is located in the chapel of Santa Maria della Misericordia, in Palazzo Ducale.

Chiesa di S. Maria Forisportam (o S. Maria Bianca)

Entering from the nineteenth-century Porta Elisa you happen to be in Via Elisa (named after the Princess Elisa Baciocchi), which leads into the medieval city through the tourist gate of Saints Gervasio and Protasio, built in the thirteenth century.

Domus Romana

During the 2010 renovations of the basements of Palazzo Orsucci (16th century) in the centre of Lucca, the remains of the Roman house "House of the Child on a Dolphin" came to light.