Arte e ingegno in San Paolino

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Arte e Ingegno in San Paolino

The Cultural Association Vivere in Armonia organizes a craft and talent market of handmade items each month in the San Paolino district in the historic center of Lucca.

Lucca is a city that is particularly popular for its urban layout made up of hundreds of small and large squares, winding and cozy little streets, courtyards, for its history of small and large trades with its neighbors and the largest markets in Europe; the artisan arts and crafts tradition that has always distinguished the work and the city's attitudes.

Space for small artisans and hobbies that have nothing to envy to professionals besides the small amount of objects produced, that guarantee accuracy and originality. On the stalls of the "Arts and crafts in San Paolino" market, located in piazza Cittadella, Via di Poggio, piazza dei Cocomeri, you can find hand made objects and arts and crafts: jewelry, toys, household utensils, dresses and bricacbrac. All objects are taken care of one by one, an occasion for an unexpected gift, a unique object made in the most varied materials, from classic wood for shabby kitchen utensils to rustic yarns for scarves and stoles of vintage taste,  plastics recycled in beautiful jewelery.

Cittadella Square, also the heart of the market, offers the possibility of a stop for an ice cream or coffee in one of the many places present.
The market is held from March to December, usually the first weekend of the month. Updates on the dates and images of the available items and artisans skills are available on the official site or on the FB / Arte e ingegno in san Paolino.



ogni primo weekend del mese
Associazione vivere in armonia piazza Cittadella Lucca tel. 377 103 1132
free admission
Via San Paolino, piazza dei Cocomeri, via di Poggio, piazza Cittadella