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Let's know Lucca in the company of a group of special "friends" and a local friend, one who knows Lucca very well, alleys, vices and virtues included, someone who at the end of the tour recommends you an aperitif in a place frequented by locals as wella as the museum for the Next day, or the suitable event for your little toddler on vacation who has followed you today obediently, but tomorrow wants revenge.


The Tour Guide Association Turislucca organizes, from Monday to Saturday, guided tours in two languages (english and italian) lasting 2 hours at the historic centre of Lucca. The service, called Look at Lucca, provides a walking path which includes the major tourist attractions of the city. The tour starts at 2.00pm and the meeting point is Piazzale Verdi at the Tourist Information Office. The cost of the visit is € 10.00 per person (children aged up to 15 years are free of charge if accompanied by paying adult).
At the end of the tour, you can take advantage of a guided tour inside the Cathedral of St. Martin upon payment of a little surcharge.

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Via Ridolfi 43, 55020 Lucca
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