69° VIAREGGIO CUP - World Football Tournament

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Kick-off for the 69th edition of the Viareggio Cup, the prestigious international youth football tournament founded in 1949 which has become over the years a real springboard for young players.
The event started as a small European tournament of 10 teams, but from the '70s it opened up to the whole world, hosting clubs from every corner of the world: from China, from the United States, from Africa and from South America. Thanks to its growing success in the '80s, in the early '90s the number of teams increased to 24, to 32 in 1997 and to 48 in 2006.


This year 40 high level football clubs will participate in the tournament, 23 of these are from Italy and 17 are international teams. Football experts, talent scouts, journalists and fans will gather in town to observe, study and document the performances of the International football champions of the future.


The matches are played from March 13 to 29, 2017 on selected football fields in Tuscany and Liguria. More than 60 matches to which will participate about 800 players. The opening and the final matches will be played in Viareggio as usual. All matches will be broadcasted on Rai Sport 1 and Rai Sport 2.


For the detailed program please visit http://www.viareggiocup.com/69-edizione/il-calendario.html



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Stadio dei Pini Torquato Bresciani
via Trento, Viareggio
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