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The Google search engine has provided Toscana Promozione Turistica, (tourist board Tuscany Region) with the Trekker Loan Program, a program that allows tourism organizations, nonprofit associations, universities, research organizations or other third parties, to borrow the Trekker, a technological backpack used to map in Street View the walking routes.


As a result of this collaboration, in November 14, 2016 departed from Passo della Cisa, on the border with the region Emilia Romagna, hikers selected by Toscana Promozione Turistica, who, carrying on their shoulders the Street View Trekker, equipped with a 15 camera system for 360-degree view, have traveled in 10 days the 400 km of the Tuscany Francigena route, mapping it and making it available on Google Maps, where anyone can have access to the virtual path areas through high resolution images.


The application is a great help for the many cyclists and walkers who every year go through and appreciate the ancient pilgrims' road. They will be able to view on smartphones and tablets every detail of the journey and program the stop-overs according to their needs.


Source: TPT Magazine


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