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Lucca's attitude regarding art and culture is not just limited to its suggestive medieval and renaissance image, so here comes ArTown! The first art gallery in town collecting long-forgotten works of great artists of Lucca in the Casermetta San Frediano, presented by the mayor of Lucca Alessandro Tambellini as a "preview of a permanent exhibition of contemporary art at Palazzo Guinigi".


The first decades of the 20th century represented a period of intense artistic and cultural life behind the town walls of Lucca. Some artists were born in Lucca, others wanted to stay there for a while, others chose it as their hometown.
In 1977 the Association of Figurative Arts of Lucca donated 140 painting, sculpture and graphic works to the town hall, put together in the Civic Museum of Modern Art; Since then, the collection has been enriched by numerous private donations, conserved by the time in various communal offices or stored in non-accessible places closed to the public. The selection of paintings, sculptures and drawings made between 1960 and 1975, has been cleaned, restored and organized for the new layout presented at the Casermetta San Frediano, thanks to the commitment of the ArteinLucca Association.


Promoted by the town administration in collaboration with the Opera delle Mura di Lucca institution, which offered their location, the exhibition is curated by the ArteinLucca Cultural Association and opens a selection of 60 artworks of the civic collection for the first time to the public, as a first decisive step towards the establishment of a permanent exhibition space that valorizes this important artistic heritage.


Texts and illustrations of the exhibition are curated by Gioela Massagli. The artists of the association Arte in Lucca will guarantee the free opening of the Casermetta, and guide visitors by transmitting them the importance of this collection. In the summer period it is open every day from 4:00 to 7:00 pm with free admission.


The exibith features works of the following artists:


Mario Abis, Elia Ajolfi, Ernesto Altemura, Edward Arden, Giuseppe Ardinghi, Renato Avanzinelli, Francesco Barsocchini, Arnaldo Battistoni, Renato Borsato, Giovanni Brancaccio, Gastone Breddo, Antonio Bueno, Giovanni Cappelli, Mario Carlesi, Niccolò Codino, Andrea Colajanni, Arturo Daniele, Carlo da Prato, Giuseppe de Gregorio, Luigi de Servi, Armando Donna, Giorgio Ferrero, Salvatore Fiume, Vincenzo Frunzo, Oscar Gallo, Franco Garelli, Giuseppe Giannini, Massimo Giusfredi, Emilio Greco, Fausto Maria Liberatore, Riccardo Licata, Mario Lippi, Arturo Momoli Longhini, Carlo Antonio Luporini, Leonella Marchetti, Mario Vellani, Marchi, Rita Marsili, Alfredo Meschi, Arnaldo Miniati, Giuseppe Misticoni, Tony Munzingler, Rosario Morabito, Mario Nardi, Gualtiero Nativi, Pietro Nerici, Eugenio Pardini, Enrico Paolucci, Marco Pasega, Augusto Perez, Karl Plettner, Giò Pomodoro, Antonio Possenti, Bruno Saetti, Giannetto Salotti, Renato Santini, Orfeo Tamburi, Riccardo Tosti, Lorenzo Viani, Bruno Zoni, Carmelo Zotti.