LE NOTTI DELL'ARCHEOLOGIA - The Nights of Archaeology

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From 1 to 31 July the Nights of archeology are back, an event  awaited by a vast audience of fans and not only: extraordinary evening and night openings, special events in museums, areas and archaeological parks of Tuscany.
This eighteenth edition has as its theme of "Heroes and myths of antiquity", the figure of the hero who embodies the founding values of a culture and represent the ideal of behavior, in the testimony of the most significant and symbolic virtues, thus populating the representations of the cultures of antiquity in art, literature, theater, religion, civil and daily life.
The challenge is certainly to widen the interest on these issues, in fact, the rich program aims at an audience of all ages, and schedules will be diversified to meet various needs, including opportunities dedicated to persons with handicap.


From the official website of Le Notti dell'Archeologia (The Nights of Archaeology) you can dowload the full program with the initiatives of all the museums of the Province Lucca. 

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Le notti dell'Archeologa
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