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The magic of the Viareggio Carnival is an amusing and releasing experience to which you should participate at least once in your life.


Throughout the year, the master builders (about 25 companies) work to create the large allegorical floats: automotive machines up to twenty meters high and twelve meters wide depicting the protagonists of Italian and international politics and laying bare in a satirical and critical way, issues of common concern.


The raw material of the floats is the paper mache, which allows the creation of impressive, but at the same time light artworks.



Well in advance - usually already in early summer - the builders, who are nicknamed the wizards of papier mache, submit their projects to a commission of experts. If approved, the sketches will come to life in the carnival floats and in the walking masks, resulting in actual traveling theaters, accompanied by music, dancing and the chants of the people parading in costume.


The 2017 edition of the Viareggio Carnival will begin on the last weekend of January and finish on February 17. The parades of floats, named also corsi mascherati will be held, exactly on days January 27, February 4 - 11 - 13 - 27.



The photo gallery with all the projects participating in the 2018 Viareggio Carnival edition can be downloaded here. (Only available in Italian).


Not allegorical floats only:
The parades are integrated by a dense billboard of side events that range from exclusive mask balls set in historical villas and valuable hotels to crowded district street parties, from themed art exhibitions to disguised sports events. As the side events of the 2018 Carnival edition will be formalized, we will take care of publishing them in the section "events" of this web site.

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