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Bellì'Italia, the TV show  on January 20th, at 11:00 on RAI 3 (soon broadcast on RAIPlay) dedicates a service by Marco Hagge about the Torre delle Ore and the centuries-old clock that from Tuesday 16th January returns to mark the time of the city as it did centuries before a breakdown stopped its voice.

The works, financed by Opera delle Mura di Lucca  will allow the original  three bells to indicate every quarter of an hour. However, in order not to disturb, the tolling will be played daily only from 8 am to 8pm.

During the night, an electronic timer  will control the sound of the bells without changing the mechanism of the ancient device made by the Geneva watchmaker Louis Simon in 1752 for the Republic of Lucca.
The Clock of Luois Simon has been restored by Rotary Club of Lucca is now relocated to the top of the tower.

History - La Torre delle Ore houses the public clock since 1390, initially equipped with the tolling of a single bell. A quadrant was applied a century later. In 1752, after various modifications of the mechanisms that had taken place over the centuries, the Republic of Lucca commissioned the Geneva watchmaker Louis Simon to construct a modern mechanism that was installed two years later with the collaboration of the Lucchese watchmaker Sigismondo Caturegli, equipped with a new dial and three new bells, fused by the founder from Lucca Stefano Filippi.

Torre delle Ore is one of the three towers open to public. A beautiful view over the red rooftops of the city will amaze you.

Torre delle Ore Guinigi Tower, Campanile di San Martino.

Torre delle Ore with the staircase of 207 wooden steps, squared and set in stone and inside the clock-wound mechanism of the clock, a true masterpiece of the technology of the time.

The Guinigi Tower is one of the most striking towers in Italy. Tree-lined since the 15th century by a grove of seven holm oaks, the tower is 45 meters high with an internal staircase of 220 steps.

The Campanile di S.Martino, recently opened to public, offers an unusual point of view, also, for the people of Lucca. The steps are 217 and from its top you can see  the Cathedral, the rich decorated facade,  and the city of Lucca from its southern side.

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tel. 0583 583150 -  info@luccaitinera.it