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As part of the celebrations of Michelangelo's stay in Versilia 500 years ago, a joint summer calendar has been published by the towns of historic Versilia.

All appointments of the towns of Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza and Stazzema, lasting until 31 December 2020, consisting of conferences, exhibitions or seminars are dedicated to the figure of Michelangelo and the reflections of his stay in Versilia, and are signed by an elegant logo.

The events of the billboard, which gradually welcomes new initiatives, are evaluated by a scientific committee, which includes the historians Costantino Paolicchi, Ezio Marcucci and Luigi Santini, president of the Lucchese Historical Institute, section Versilia.


Michelangelo moved to Pietrasanta in early 1518 to take care of the new marble quarries managed by the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore and on March 15 Michelangelo stipulated in Pietrasanta with a group of stonecutters from Settignano, the deeds of the notary Giovanni Badessi, the first of a series of contracts for the commission of all marbles for the façade of San Lorenzo. For the next two years Michelangelo remained in Versilia, contributing decisively to conferring the typical features of the area. This has deeply influenced the historical and cultural evolution of the Versilia territory.



The program of cultural events and the popularization of the figure of Michelangelo wants to highlight his passage in Versilia and its effects on the economic and cultural evolution of the territory. It will be an opportunity to valorize the path of Via dei Marmi, traced by Michelangelo from the mountains to the sea, inserting it into tourist projects that link the territory to the passage of the Genius.Targa_Michelangelo




At the end of the three years there will be a closing exhibition of the celebrations at the Palazzo Mediceo dedicated to Michelangelo, Mount Altissimo and the many other aspects of the presence of the great artist in Versilia.

For the detailed programme please visit the website www.terremedicee.it



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