The cribs

Living, transportable, painted, historical, traditional, mechanical, scenic, in a cave, at home ...Many opportunities throughout the country and a lot of tradition to experience the Christmas atmosphere.


Torches and  rituals bonefires, rites of profane hope, probably residual ancient feast for the winter solstice is celebrated especially in the mountain area. So the countless bonfires that light almost to help the rising sun and that light up the night of Christmas.

The music

Christmas markets

All the Christmas markets in the mountain villages of the Valle del Serchio and Garfagnana, on the coast of Versilia, in the villages of the hills of Lucca and the old town of Lucca.

New Year's Eve and New Year's celebrations

 A lot of cheerful music mixed by competent DJs or played live by bands, lively rhythms to welcome carefree the new year, dancing all together. At the stroke of midnight, as usual, let's lift up our glasses to toast and exchange greetings.