in Lucca we can be Heroes ... at least for 5 days. The 2017 edition will be dedicated to the Heroes: comic book and fantasy novels, video game pixels, celluloid films and TV series, but especially the flesh and bone heroes who travel to create each year largest community event in Europe.

Towards the European Forum of Cultural Itineraries

The routes, the program, the hospitality, the events to know the places of the European cultural itineraries in Lucca.

Author's houses

Artists and scientists who have always maintained a strong link with their homeland are the guides of this journey to discover landscapes of   time.

The via Francigena, one road, many roads

Street trade, road of faith, the Via Francigena in Lucca through pesaggi and everyday life.

The town of hundred churches

Small and large churches alternate with civil architecture, open onto squares and courtyards, tell hundred and hundred years of history of the town.


Plants and flowers are witnesses of the time in Lucca. A special walk through gardens, squares and narrow streets, chasing the time of Napoleon and Elisa perfumes.

October 2017

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